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Zendaya Reveals New Euphoria Episode on HBO Max, But No Season 2 Confirmation

Zendaya Reveals New Euphoria Episode on HBO Max, But No Season 2 Confirmation. Die-hard fans of the American teen drama, Euphoria are anticipating for the second instalment since the first season’s finale aired.

HBO reportedly recommenced the show for Season 2 but seems like we aren’t getting it in 2020. Currently, Zendeya, who portrays the lead Rue Bennett in the series staunched that there is unique Euphoria content for fans this year. But then again, it is not the much prophecized second season.

Zendeya teased us by posting a poster that notes “This is not Season 2”, denoting the fans will be propounded with bonus episodes. HBO allegedly announced two special episodes for the holiday season prior to the release of Season 2.

The first special episode is labelled Part 1: Rue on the poster posted by Zendeya. Nonetheless, HBO confirmed the name of the first part will most probably be –  Trouble Don’t Last Always.

 The Emmy award-winning television series’ special episode will start streaming on HBO Max, on December 6, 2020.

This particular episode will pick from the cliffhanger ending of the finale of the first season. Furthermore, this episode will emphasize the show’s pivotal character, Rue. In the season finale, Rue and Jules resurrect their love after Rue recovers from her kidney failure. But later Jules perceives Rue that she loves Anna as well.

They both decide to leave town altogether, but Rue backpedals in the last moment. Rue leaves Jules, who has boarded the train already and goes home.

Rue encounters hallucination when she snorts cocaine and then falls. The special episode will most probably tell what happened to Rue after sinking. HBO’s synopsis also asserts that Rue would be enjoying the holidays in this part.

As for the second special episode, there hasn’t been any official announcement. Some sources suspect that the special part may release next year in February 2021.

Some hints and fandom theories profess that the second special part most probably is about Jules. When Zendeya formerly announced the advent of two specials, she affirmed the buzz with Hunter Schafer’s eye. And, Euphoria Season 2 is still far away from the release, as the filming won’t begin before early 2021.

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