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You Are My Spring Episode 11 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Hey, Are you eagerly waiting to know about the release of the new episode of the Korean series, You are My Spring? Don’t worry! we got you covered. Read further to know the release date, recap, and spoiler of You Are My Spring Episode 11.

You Are My Spring Episode 10 Recap

Before disclosing the release date of You Are My Spring Episode 11, Let’s have a quick recap of Episode 10. 

Previously in E10, Kang Da Jung became a Manager in a Five-star hotel. She usually dates terrible people. Whereas Joo Young Do is a Psychiatrist. Fate made each other cross paths. Both started falling in love with each other. They were deeply in love and made their first kiss without any clue of where it’s going to end. Joo Young Do message Kang Da Jung as she went on a trip with her colleagues at work. Ko is very busy investigating a crime. She plans logically to find him as he keeps on changing his identity. At last, she finds him and asks whether he knows anyone named Chae Jeong Min. But, he remained silent throughout the investigation. Later he was attacked by a few people in his house after he got bailed out. 

On the other hand,  Da Jung was loved by Chase. He loves her a lot. Da Jung once helped Chase from being hurt by a random criminal with a knife in a hotel. Chase fell ill thinking about being rejected by Da Jung. So he called Hyeon-Ju to talk about it. But instead, he was left with a mystery as she sees Hyeon-Ju’s dead boy next to her. Let’s move on to the You Are My Spring Episode 11 release date.

You Are My Spring Episode 11 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Spoilers Alert!

In Episode 11 of You are My Spring, you can expect to see the chemistry working between Young Do and Da Jung. Since episode 10 ended with the mystery of Hyeon-Ju’s dead body, Chase was left with a lot of questions. He is portrayed as the killer by someone. He needs Ko to find the one who is hiding behind this murder. 

Will Ko find a new lead in the murder case? Does the Vice-Chairwoman have any connection with Hyeon-Ju’s murder? Will Chase be punished or relieved? Wait till the release date and watch the entire new episode to know the answers to these questions.

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You Are My Spring Episode 11 Release Date

Can’t wait to know about the release date of You Are My Spring Episode 11? Don’t worry. The popular Korean series You Are My Spring Episode 11 is getting aired on 9th August 2021 at 3 AM ET. Usually, this series releases every Monday and Tuesday. On following this pattern the next episode 11 is coming soon on Monday.

You Are My Spring Episode 11 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Where To Watch?

You can watch all You Are My Spring Episode 11 and all other previous episodes on the online streaming platform, Netflix. It is accessible to all international fans provided with subtitles. We highly recommend you to use only these platforms as they have official rights and legal licenses to air the series. Usage of other platforms may cause harm to the producers of the series.

Since you got all the details about the new episode 11, sit tight and wait for the release soon and enjoy your favorite Korean drama in comfort.

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