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Winds of Winter Release Date ‘Confirmed’ by George RR Martin -TGC

Winds of Winter Release Date Confirmed !!

The Winds of Winter Release Date is set to be in 2021 which is verified by George R.R Martin, who is currently working on the script during this pandemic. 

Previously, the movie was set to release on July 29th to 2nd August 2020, but couldn’t so Martin is taking some time to finish off the story stating that it is a huge book and will be out by the Christmas holidays.

Goerge R.R. Martin is an American novelist who covers epic fantasy novels such as A Song of Ice and Fire and GOT is currently writing for another epic plot for his audiences. 

Winds of Winter Release Date Update

Winds of Winter Release Date 'Confirmed' by George RR Martin, Spoiler Discussion & More Updates
Winds of Winter Release Date set for 2021

The author didn’t heed the 78th World Science Fiction Convention in New Zealand which is happening virtually this year while he adds that he will visit Wellington next year where both the Covid and the Winds and Winter will be done.

While he conveys his writing process through his blog page indicating that he is working on it during this whole quarantine period being isolating in his house and writing on his new project every day.

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He also adds that “Winter is here but The Winds Of Winter is taking some time and will be finished by 2021 with a different storyline by completing one chapter in three days and making up to 150 pages a month”. 

Winds of Winter Release Date 'Confirmed' by George RR Martin, Spoiler Discussion & More Updates
Winds of Winter Release Date set for 2021

The Winds of Winter’s storyline is all about:

It’s been seven years since Martin’s last book – A Dance With Dragons in series of ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’, where everyone is waiting for the new arrival of the winds of winter which is based on the popular historical series Game of Thrones. 

Many people were disappointed about the work on the final season of Game Of Thrones, so we could say George Martin is rebuilding the theories in The Winds of Winter.

He assured that The Winds of Winter will be done then only he began to write for the House of the Dragon series which is a prequel to Game Of Thrones. 

Some Popular Questions on Google About The Winds Of Winter Release Date 

Ques: Why is it taking so long to release?

One thing we have to realize is that George R.R Martin is a man who believes in nothing but perfection. And asking a man to hurry is an injustice to his art and skills. We should be patient. In my opinion, being patient is better than receiving an imperfect script. We all know what happened to Game of Thrones. So PATIENCE GUYS!

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