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Warren Beatty- ‘KING OF HEARTS’ what is the rumour that has been going around??

The famous, well known star of many hearts Warren Beatty is a well accepted personality. He has seen success like none other. Movies like ‘Red’, ‘Bonnie and Clyde’, ‘Dick Tracy’ and ‘Splendor in the Grass’ has seen Warren Beatty’s talents all over them. He has brought a new charm to hollywood over which you can see trends and stories till date. How can we forget the famous ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ duo that every couple wants to be these days?

But what is the rumour that has been going around him lately? 

Warren Beatty has not just been in the hearts of his fans but also in the hearts of many women. Not forgetting that multiple sexual partners is still a taboo this famous star does not seem to care much about it. His aura of confidence enables him to do as he wishes. But recently, a rumour has been going out about him and the idea of Beatty bedding multiple women. It is said that he has bedded approximately 13,000 women. This rumour kept going on for a long while until he shot it down by telling AARP, stating the logic that, “Imagine it, that would mean not just that there were multiple people in a day but that there was no repetition.” While it does sound sensible, his fans still wonder if he really has bedded 13,000 women. Maybe the exaggeration isn’t true, however, we can all be sure that he isn’t afraid of the judgment that being with multiple partners would bring him. 

What does his wife, Annette Benning think about this rumours?

His wife seems to be pretty non judgemental about the idea of his husband being involved with multiple women. She also told The Mirror that, ” Why shouldn’t he? He makes you feel good. Well, he made me feel good. Can we all say that this Bonnie has found his Clyde? It seems so.

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