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Altered Carbon Season 3 Release Date & Renewal Status On Netflix

Netflix has canceled Altered Carbon season 3, much to the disappointment of fans of the show. Here’s why.

Altered Carbon Season 3 Release Date Updates

Netflix has Officially Cancelled Altered Carbon Season 3 Ever after having two successful Seasons. Therefore we could expect any Release Date.

Altered Carbon was a Netflix Originals show in the cyberpunk/action genre, set in a futuristic world where humans have dismantled the concept of death with a new technology called “sleeves” that allows interchangeable bodies. The series has aired two seasons previously, along with an anime movie that aired on March 19.

But Netflix has axed any further seasons of this Anthony Mackies. The reasons stated by the streaming platform are not pandemic related, as a lot of viewers were speculating, but rather due to the streamer’s standard viewership vs. cost renewal review standard.

Other Netflix series like I Am Not Okay With This, and The Society, were recently canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The series is essentially a very high budget, in terms of the production cost, and though the series has a dedicated cult following, the viewership isn’t enough to justify the production costs.

Altered Carbon Season 3 Release Date & Renewal Status on Netflix

The series was created by Laeta Kalogridis and is based on a 2002 novel of the same name by Richard K.Morgan. Joel Kinnaman played the lead Takeshi Kovacs in the first season, while Anthony Mackie took over the role for the second season.

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Public Reaction

Disappointed, fans took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction over the cancellation of Altered Carbon Season 3. Many bemoan the fact that a series with more diversity and representation is hard to come by. Neither of the previous lead actors has commented on the announcement of the cancelation. Although the lead actor would have been changed even if a third season had been made.

Altered Carbon 3 Reason For Cancellation

The reason behind the cancellation of Altered season 3 is basically the production cost involved does not go at par with the viewership of the show. Although the show has dedicated followers who were anticipated for the next season they weren’t enough at all.

Reviews And Ratings 

Heeding towards the ratings and reviews the show received from its fans globally is mixed with a bit of anguish for season 2. Firstly ratings the overall ratings for the series (including both the seasons ) are 8/10 on IMDb, 76% on Rotten tomatoes, 67% on Metacritic. Which is quite average according to its fanbase. Altered season 1 was praised by many but the problem arose with Altered Carbon season 2 with a change in actors, storyline, and visuals too.

The show was praised for its aesthetic scenes, quality visual effects, and a plot that had all the imagination with technology talking about people living in far-off space and then meeting them in fractions of a second. The characters were gracefully woven with appreciable direction and acting. But the second season had issues with direction as well as acting, the change of actors was not well received by the fans is which made the season not liked by many.

Further, The sci-fi storyline with a vein of cyberpunk was expected to be a turning point in this genre, thus being something like breaking bad which did bring a lot of changes. Reviewers commented it to be a great piece of art that lost its way and became the conventional sci-fi movie.

Altered Carbon Season 3 Release Date & Renewal Status on Netflix

Altered Carbon Season 3 Production Cost-

The reason for the show to be canceled by Netflix is because of the cost incurred by it which did not go well in hand with the viewership of the show. The amazing sets, costumes, props, animations, VFX and surely to mention its actors all this added up to a huge amount of production cost which certainly seemed like a burden. The showrunner Laeta Kalogridis in 2018 revealed to the public that the show had a budget of  $150 million. Surprisingly high but now high enough for such a series cause its goes without saying the sprawling effects and concept do not come at a cheap price.

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Although the creators and the direction team have been reticent about the money spent on each episode, news like these can rarely be concealed from the people. Recently the Hollywood Reporter came out with a guess from its reliable sources that Netflix spends around $7 Million per episode on the series. The first season had 10 episodes and The second one had 8 episodes. Calculate the results and it would be mind-boggling. Now, aren’t you also thinking it was a smart decision to cancel the show?

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