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Top Korean Drama 2021, Most Popular K-Drama List

There is a series of k-dramas coming this year. We have the Most Popular K-Drama List with Top Korean Drama 2021.

Top Korean Drama 2021

2021 has served us with a diverse array of quality Korean drama. It might become hard to decide which show to and watch which not. To help you resolve this problem we listed down the top 10 Korean dramas 2021 to watch. These shows are really worth watching and you should not miss them.

Further, From swoon-worthy romances to mind-blowing thrillers here are the top 10 dramas of 2021. Let’s move on to the Most Popular K-Drama List of Top Korean Drama 2021.

1. Flower Of Evil

In the list of Most Popular K-Drama List, the first one is Flower of evil.

Flower of Evil is a mystery thriller drama. Baek hee sung who seems like a perfect husband and father holds many hidden secrets. The man who seems perfect hides his past from his wife, who is a detective. He tries his best to hide his real identity and personality disorder. But the wife is trying to solve a series of murders taking place. The show has a story that will pull you right in. The intense scenes and mind-blowing storyline will have you wanting to know what will happen next.

Moreover, The crime angle of the show makes it even more interesting. The show has Lee Joongi, Moon Chaewon, Jang heejin, and Seo Hyun Woo. It is rated 8.5 by its viewers.

Top Korean Drama 2021, Most Popular K-Drama List
Flower of Evil

2. Hospital Playlist 2

Secondly, on Top Korean Drama 2021, the show that entices everyone’s heart is the hospital playlist.

The show follows five doctors who went to medical school together and are now working in the same hospital. They also have a band together.

The show tells the story of the individuals inside and outside the hospital. The story captures the size of life scenarios excellently. The show depicts friendship, work, and romance perfectly.

The band also provides us with great music throughout the show. The show has Jo Jung suk, Yoo Yeon seok, Jeon Mido, Jung Kyoung ho, and Kim dae myung in lead.

Top Korean Drama 2021,Most Popular K-Drama List

3. Youth of May

Moving further, the next name that pops up among the Most Popular K-Drama List is Youth of May.

The show tells the story that is based in 1980 during the Gwangju Uprising. The story follows two people, Kim Myeong hee and Hwang hee tae. Their fate brings them together when Myeong hee has to go to one of her friend’s blind dates and get the ticket that she needed to go to Germany.

They both meet and get along really well. However, The show presents the story of two people really well and has a rating of 8.7 from its viewers.

Its stars Lee Dohyun, Go Minsi, Lee Sangyi, and Keum Saerok in lead.

Youth of May

4. Joseon Exorcist

Next come on the Top Korean Drama 2021 List Joseon exorcist.

Joseon Exorcist is a historical drama that will deliver you action and fantasy. The show is a historical supernatural TV series. The series follows King Taejong and his sons.  After being killed by the royal. Moreover, The family witnessed the dead coming back to life. The show has a dark plot that can scare you or can fill your mind with curiosity. It stars Jang Dong Yoon, Park Sung Hoon, Kam Woo Jung, Kim Dong Jun, Jung Hye Sung, Lee Yoo bi, and Geum Saerok. The show has a rating of 8.6 from the viewers.

Top Korean Drama 2021,Most Popular K-Drama List
Joseon Exorcist

5. Vincenzo

This next show, Trust me you don’t want to miss at any cost. That’s why it was important to make it part of Top Korean Drama 2021, Most Popular K-Drama List.

Vincenzo shows the story of Vincenzo Casano who was adopted at a young age and grew up in Italy. He comes back to Korea after an incident with Mafia. The show is full of action and full of the battles of Vincenzo for himself and with the people surrounding him. He gets involved with the people of the building he wants to take over. Vincenzo offers you a feisty attorney who would go through lengths to win the case and a cute intern with his English side remarks that turn out to be totally something else. The show stars Song Joong Ki, Jenn Yeo been and Ok Taecyeon in lead. And has 8.5 ratings from viewers.

Top Korean Drama 2021,Most Popular K-Drama List



Moving further on Most Popular K-Drama List, Freak is a thriller and psychological drama. This series follows two policemen, Lee Dong shik and Han Joo won.  The show revolves around two policemen trying to solve a case of unsolved murders that are happening for 20 years. Likewise, In this process, they are bound to suspect every person involved with the case even themselves. The show is full is adventurous and has a lot to offer. It has Yeo Jingoo, Shin Hakyun, and Choi Sung Eun in lead, and the show is rated 8.5 by its viewers.

Top Korean Drama 2021,Most Popular K-Drama List

7. Mouse

The mouse is a thrilling mystery drama that fantasizes the scenario,  what if psychopaths can feel remorse and guilt for their actions. The show follows Joeng Bareum who believes passionately in injustice and is almost unbelievably kind. His life takes a turn when he encounters a psychopath serial killer. He survives the encounter but feels like he has changed after that encounter.  That leads him to find the truth behind the psychopathic behaviors along with his partner.

Also, The show casts Lee Seung gi, Lee Heejoon, Park Juhyun, and Kyung Soojin. Moreover, It has a  rating of 8.5 from the viewers. Likewise, the show has to be a part of the Most Popular K-Drama List.

Top Korean Drama 2021,Most Popular K-Drama List

8. Mr. Queen

Furthermore, on Top Korean Drama 2021 , Most Popular K-Drama List comes Mr. Queen.

The show stars Choi jinhyuk, Shin Hyesun, Kim Jung Hyun in lead.  It revolves around a high-profile chef in the modern age.  The chef works for the country’s top politicians at the blue house. He gets into an incident and wakes up in the body of a queen in Joseon era. Likewise, He gets stuck in the queen’s body and finds ways to adjust to the new situations and new life. The chef who is now trapped in the queen’s body tries to get along with everything but things are not as they seem. He ends up uncovering the shady things happening inside the kingdom. And also the truth.

9. The Penthouse 

Currently, the show is airing the penthouse season 3 and its fan following the amazing storylines makes it obvious for it to be a part of the Most Popular K-Drama List.

The show tells the stMost Popular K-Drama Listory of wealthy families living in Hera palace. All of them have grand ambitions and desires for their children and would do anything for them. Season 2 of the show was released this year and focuses on Su ryeon’s secrets and Yoon hee’s revenge. Also, The show also presents Seo Jon’s downfall and the Hera palace kids who want to be best and win the grand award at the Cheong-ah Arts festival. As the secrets unveil, the relationships among the people at Hera palace are entangled, yet another mysterious figure appears in the penthouse 2.

10. Hello me

The show stars Choi Kang hee, Kim young Kwang, and Lee ready in lead. The show revolves around Bahn Hani, who meets her young version. She always struggles to make things up and is scared that she will always be single. She gets fired and meets the younger self.

After meeting her 17 years old self she realized how different she was back then. Hello me, is a fantasy comedy-drama that will keep you entertained with the story of losing and seeking happiness. More, The show follows an interesting storyline and will surely intrigue you, So it has to be a part of Top Korean Drama 2021, Most Popular K-Drama List.

Hello me

Most of the shows mentioned on Top Korean Drama 2021 are available on Netflix to watch with English subtitles. As always K-dramas never disappoint us from their storyline and interesting plotline.

What is your most favorite k-dramas, and are they on this list?  Please don’t forget to tell us your top Korean dramas of 2021 in the comment section.  And also do you agree with the list or not. Do you agree with our most popular k-dramas list?

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