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The Second Husband Episode 1 Release Date, Spoilers and Where To Watch

The Spoiler Of The Second Husband Episode 1

The Second Husband Episode 1 is the upcoming Korean drama series. It is a melodrama series where the main actress’s family is unfairly killed and she seeks revenge in a mixed fate and love.Cha Seo won is staring as Yoon Jae Min who is the son of Yoon Dae Gook. He has an MBA from the United States of America. He is rich as his father is the chairman of a confectionary company.

Uhm Hyun Kyung is staring as Bong Seon Hwa who is a hard-working and good-looking girl who has been framed for murder by her ex-boyfriend with whom she had a child. She loses the child due to his betrayal. We will see in Second Husband Episode 1 how she will plot for revenge, and how plotting for revenge makes her even more suspicious as a suspect for a murder case.

The Second Husband Episode 1 Release Date, Spoilers and Where To Watch

Oh Seung-ah is staring as Yoon Jae Kyeong, she is the stepsister of Yoon Jae Min. She is the illegitimate child of their father. She’s very ambitious. The characters so far introduced are the main characters of the series. The supporting cast of the series is as follows. Knowing the characters and their nature will help us to frame how Second Husband Episode 1 will be.

Han ki Woong is staring Moon Sang Hyeok is a heartless man who’ll do anything to achieve his goals. He deserts his lover and child so that he can become more successful. The second Husband is a passionate love story where the story revolves around Bong Seon-Hwa. The story is mixed with love, hate, and revenge.

The network of The Second husband episode 1 is MBC. It falls into the drama and romance genres. Its country of origin is South Korea and its language is the Korean language. K-drama fans are eagerly waiting for the release of The Second Husband episode 1.

Release Date of The Second Husband Episode 1

The release date of The Second Husband is 9th august 2021. Which is 8 days from today.

Where to Watch the Second Husband Season 1

There is no official word on where the series would be released. It’s anybody’s guess as to where the series would be released. I think the series would be released in Viki since most new series are released.It could also be released on NetFlix as other sources have said. Till now there is no official release on where it can be streamed.


There are many fan-based trailers. there is no official trailer of The Second Husband yet.

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