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The Red Sleeve Cuff Release Date, Preview, And Where To Watch

The Red Sleeve Cuff aka Red Cuff of the Sleeve is an Upcoming KDrama based on the 2017 novel series Otsomae Beulgeun Kkeuddong written by Kang Mi-Kang. This will be a historical drama with fewer fictional elements as we can see in the novel series. Set in the 18th century about the King and his romance story the drama is scheduled to release sometime during the end of this year. Mark your calendars for all those who are really excited about this show. In this article, we share with you every detail we have about the upcoming k-drama.


Let’s have a look at the Plot of The Red Sleeve Cuff. The drama will be staged in the 18th century during the Joseon Era Period. It is going to be a romantic political drama about the King himself and his royal concubine. Apart from their love story, this drama will also showcase how she rose up to become the mother of the crown prince. It will depict Park Hye Soo as Seong Deok I’m, the concubine. Due to various hurdles faced by her family and the crisis that she faced, she develops into a more mature person at the early stages of her life.

After some time one fateful day she enters the royal palace as a court lady and Eventually becoming the Crown Prince Hyo Ja’s birth mother. Seong Deok Im sees the crown Prince of that time Jeongjo. He was destined to be the king. The King himself offers to marry Seong Deok but she declines it continuously. So when Jeongjo became king he gave her the highest position as royal concubine. But love in their life does not come as easy as it seems it was a long and tough journey. They had to go through various hurdles and they did it together to get what they wanted.

The Red Sleeve Cuff Release Date, Preview, And Where To Watch

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The Red Sleeve Cuff Release Date

The release date for Red Sleeve Cuff hasn’t been finalized yet but it is expected to be released sometime in October 2021. We might get announcements on the time and release date anytime soon. Moreover, We will be sure to update you with the latest announcements. The cast of the show has been finalized but we might expect changes. Further, It will be broadcast on MBC network.


The cast of The Red Sleeve Cuff include –

Lee Jun-ho as Yi San/King Jeongjo
Lee Se-young as Seong Deok Im/Royal Noble Consort Ui
Deok-hwa, Lee – King Yeongjo
Seo Hyo-rim – Princess Hwawan
Jang Hee-jin – Queen Jeongsun
Jang Hye-jin – Court Lady Seo
Oh Dae-hwan – Kang Tae-ho
Park Ji-young – Court Lady Cho


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