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The Devil Judge Episode 11 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

The Devil Judge Episode 11 is ready to release. Read the article to find out the release date, spoilers, and everything you need to know about the show’s next episode.

The devil. Judge also known as Angmapansa is a South Korean television series. The series has Ji Sung, Kim Min-jung, Park Jin-young, and Park Gyu-young as lead characters. It has 16 episodes in total and was premiered on July 3, 2021, on tvN. The show is a mystery and Crime Drama.

The plot of the show is based on dystopian South Korea. Kang Yo-han is the judge of the Highest Court and Punishes everyone guilty. He is merciless when it comes to punishing a criminal. The live broadcast of the judgment takes place for everyone. The story follows Jung Sun Ah, Kim Ga On, Yoon Soo Hyun, and Kang Yo han, who is called ‘The Devil Judge’ due to his action. No one really knows what goes on in Kang Yo Han’s head and everyone is trying to find out his dark secrets.

The upcoming episode The Devil Judge Episode 11 is going to unfold so many new things.

The Devil Judge Episode 11 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers


In the last episode of The Devil Judge, we saw Kang Yo han taking Ga On to the man responsible for the demise of his family. We also see him taking the man into custody. Ga On and Soo Hyun later go to catch the youtube Juk Chang and find him. He tries to run but they catch him again.

Cha Kyung Hee decides to meet Kang Yohan. Elijah manages to get the doors open for Ga On and Soo Hyun. Both of them meet and Yo han tells Kyung hee to leave everything up to him and that he would handle it. Later Yo han gets approval for Juk Chang’s case and Go On decides to take care of the case. The case is presented in the court and Juk Chang is sentenced for his deeds.

But Ga On is upset about how people are doing the same thing as him. On the other side, Kyung Hee who is suspicious of Jung Sun-ah goes to meet her. She tells her that she is keeping an eye on her and that she will uncover whatever it is she is hiding.

The episode ends with Jung Sun-ah saying that she will ruin Kang yo han.

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The teaser for The Devil Judge Episode 11 is released. It shows Kyung hee planning something against Yohan to expose him. It also shows Jung Sun-ah with Yo han. We also see Ga On and The next episode may have something about Kyung hee finding ways to expose Yo han after Jun Chang was sentenced by the court.

The trailer for the episode is out and is available on social platforms. The next episode will be released soon and what will happen to Yo han will be revealed in that episode.

The Devil Judge Episode 11 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

The Devil Judge episode 11 Release Date

The Devil Judge episode 11 will release on its schedule. The next episode will release on August 7, 2021. The show air twice a week, So, Episode 11 will release on August 7 ( Saturday)  and Episode 12 will release on August 8 ( Sunday). There is no announcement made related to the delay of the episodes, so the episodes will air on their regular schedule.

Where To Watch

The show The Devil Judge Episode 11 will be on air on tvN and is also available on different streaming platforms. The show is available on Viki with all the episodes with English Subtitles.

The Devil Judge FAQ

Ques: Will Devil judge be on Viki?

Ans: The Devil Judge is available through the WeTV and Viki Rakuten streaming platforms.17-Jul-2021

Ques: How many episodes does the devil judge have?

Ans:  The show contains 16 episodes

Ques: Is the Devil Judge on Netflix?

Ans: Is The Devil Judge on Netflix? Unfortunately, this series is not yet available on Netflix.

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