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Stop Miss Hua Episode 11 Release Date, Cast And Where To Watch Online English Sub.

Stop Miss Hua Episode 11 will be released this week. Read the article to find out more about the show, cast and where can you watch all the episodes.

Stop Miss Hua is a Chinese Drama that follows the story of Hua Mingyue, the daughter of a rich businessman. Everyone loves Hua Mingyue and cherishes her. She meets Qin Donghai a former firefighter who has returned from the UK. He applied for a job at Hua Group and gets job. Hua Mingyue is impressed with him and wants him to teach her how to live on her own.


Stop Miss Hua follows the journey of Hua Mingyue finding her way to make it on her own with the help of Hua Mingyue. Hua Mingyue hopes that Qin Donghai can help her change her ways and help her to get on the right track. The drama is a Romantic Comedy and is popular among its viewers. When Hua Mingyue’s grandfather called her to give her the responsibilities of the Company’s General Manager.

She tries her best to find a way out of it but her grandfather does not let her. When her Grandfather meets Qui Donghai, he decides to lead Hua Mingyue on the right track. At first, Hua Mingyue resisted but soon she was impressed. She slowly learns and her grandfather sees improvement in her as she starts to take things seriously.

The show is a drama adaptation of a novel with the same name. The author of the novel is Ju Mao Wei Wu. The other names of the show are Stand Still Miss Hua. The show premiered on July 28, 2021.

Stop Miss Hua Episode 11 Release Date, Cast

Stop Miss Hua Cast

The show revolves around different characters. The lead of the show is Hua Mingyue and Qui Donghai.

  •  Judy Qi as Hua Mingyue
  •  Ryan Zhang as Qui Donghai
  • Gao Ji Cai as Chen Jingran
  •  Su Meng Di as Yao Shengnan
  • Liu Yin Jun as Hua Mingchen
  •  Johnny Zhang as Qi Fei

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Stop Miss Hua Episode 11 Release Date Cast


Stop Miss Hua Episode 11 Release Date 

Stop Miss Hua has released 10 episodes of the show. The last was released on July 30, 2021. Stop Miss Hua Episode 11 will release on August 4, 2021. The new episode will be released on Wednesday.


Where To Watch Online English Sub

You can watch Stop Miss Hua on MyDrama List. The show is also available on Kdramacool and the show is available on these websites with English Subtitles. The next episode of Stop Miss Hua will be available on Wednesday on these platforms.


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