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Spoilers Reported About Money Heist Season 4,Netflix Official Release Date, Fans Theories, Caste, Plot And What Makes It More Interesting?

Yes, Money Heist is back, probably by January 2020. The news of its renewal was confirmed even before part 3 (Netflix classifies each season as parts) came out. But it came as a surprise because Alex Pina is working on one more series due around the same time.

After the release of part 3, more episodes have been added. This was done because, in the first edit, a segment featuring footballing legend Neymar was removed. That is now added, so let’s re-watch it!

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What to expect from season 4?

To recap part 3, the band comes back to perform a heist more massive than the previous on. But it was a front to rescue all who were captured.

Jump to episode 8, and there is a sneak peek of the fact that the stakes are now raised.  It is now a full-on war.

The Professor believes Raquel is dead and calls DEFCON-2. This lead to the use of RPG’s.

Nairobi’s fate is bleak because of her bullet wound. The Professor’s plan is seemingly up in the air, with the new police negotiator firmly in control. Some fans have a theory that Nairobi is now gone because she was seen in the recent recap.

Either we will see the escape or the demise of the crew.

When will season 4 of Money Heist release on Netflix?

 January 18th is the current, suspected date. But it seems weird because Netflix Originals release on Fridays.

We can’t contain our excitement!

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