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Spider-man 3: A Complete Transformation in the Hero’s Character

Spiderman 3 is about revenge, jealousy and the inflated self of Peter Parker. The aggressive qualities can be attributed to the dark side of the hero because of his association with the parasite Symbiote. Basically, he is this cool bad man also because he has few of such qualities that make him that. Also, the parasite’s influence in his life makes him an aggressive being in the movie.

The emo dance sequence

We have seen Peter Parker as someone who has always been a good guy. So the audience will really find him quite awkward doing such scenes where he has to give out negative vibes.

So, Symbiote’s influence over Peter Parker would seem to create discomfort as well as some hilarious moments too. 

In this movie Peter himself realize that what has happened to him and that the way he has become violent. He could also figure out the change in his life and personality.

A lot of scenes show how Peter changed

There are so many scenes that showed that how Peter changed. In one of the scenes he is trying to get the attention from the crowd and in the other where he is fighting off a bouncer and then he accidently hurts Mary Jane. So a lot of negative things are shown in regard to him. This guy has become extreme and acute. Perhaps this is the reason why people initially might not like him.

It is expected that the movie will be out in cinemas in USA and UK by the end of 2021. Tom Holland will come back as Peter Parker and Zendaya will come as Mary Jane.

Are you curious to know more about this movie? Just stay tuned to know more over this.

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