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Sherlock Season 5: Release Date, Cast & Other Major Updates

Are you ready to get the latest updates on the best British crime TV series there is to exist? Ever since Sherlock released back in 2010, the show and the characters earned the hearts of millions worldwide. And now we wait for the showrunners to return with Sherlock Season 5.

This is possibly the best detective series any fan has ever seen. Recent news suggests BBC and Netflix are working together to make Season 5 happen. Even better news, Benedict Cumberbatch is finally into this idea! We’ve got all the details for you, so hold tight!

Sherlock Season 5 Release Date Expected for 2021

The official release date of season 5 is not out yet. Sherlock Season 5 was suspected to release by the end of this year, however, with the ongoing pandemic, the dates are likely pushed to 2022 or 2023.

Sherlock Season 5: Is It Happening? Benedict Cumberbatch Has The Answer For Us

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In a recent interview, Steven Moffat (Creator of the masterpiece) said, “I haven’t truly thought about it [Sherlock season 5]. Mark’s [Gatiss, co-showrunner] also been engaged in other stuff. We haven’t got a chance to properly talk about if we want to do another series.” Hope is not lost yet.

The idea of a fifth season is not out of the question at all. In fact, Cumberbatch himself is prepared to take on Sherlock once again! Steven and Mark (creators) reveal in a Q&A that there is a small speck of hope for Sherlock Season 5’s release.

Will this character return in Sherlock Season 5

Sherlock Season 5: Is It Happening? Benedict Cumberbatch Has The Answer For Us

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are apparently not very close off-set. These are simply rumors that are floating around of course but are worth a mention. However, if this rumor stands true, Martin Freeman may not want to return on set to play John Watson.

What about the cast members of the show?

Season 4 introduced Sherlock’s long lost sister, Eurus Holmes to fans. The character is played by Sian Brooke who reportedly shows interest in Sherlock Season 5. We are all of course expecting Benedict’s return as Sherlock and we hope for Martin to return as Watson!

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