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Scotland becomes the first country having free Period Products to all

It’s really a very proud moment for Scotland to become the first country in the world to make Period Products free for all. Monica Lennon, a Lawmaker from the opposition Labour Party, was the one who campaigned against “Period Poverty” – when some people cannot afford sanitary products because of the high cost – since 2016.

There are many people at village area where men still not allow females to buy sanitary products, which leads to diseases and female suffers a lot . People are still leaving in old generation, they are not at all ready to accept modern thinking.

Its the one of the best decision by Monica Lenno of making sanitary products free for all. Periods can’t wait for anyone in any situation. Firstly, they made sanitary products available in schools, colleges, and offices. But now its free for all and it’s really a good decision was taken by the government of Scotland.

In India, also this service has been started in some universities and schools so that people do not face any difficulty and live disease-free. Also it must be check that no one misuses this power of having free sanitary products. Therefore, it should be free only for those who can’t afford it .

Also, these products can be made available at low cost and campaign should be done at places to create awareness about the products and it is important as soon as it is possible. This will bring a great change in the lives of all women and will give them tension free periods.

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