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Sad News For Gamers Rockstar Is Working On A Open World Game Which Is Not GTA 6

Rockstar Games is often among the all-time favourite of the virtual game lovers. GTA is always amid the priority of the critics and amassed a lot of scrutiny from the public. The successive sequel of GTA only heightens their affection towards the game.

The expectation from the next sequel is always loftier than the previous one. But, this time there must be sad news for its enthusiasts. The earlier reports, which points towards the release of next sequel heads in vain.

As no such project is the attention of GTA developers. It is no doubt that GTA is among the most ambitious venture of Rockstar Games. But, interviews from its headquarters point toward some other innovative proposal, but not GTA. See the source image


The Broken Euphoria.

Rockstar North, usually endorse on its office tower with their upcoming projects. When advertisement of Red Dead 2 was removed, which made the fanatics think of GTA 6. The sequel of the GTA as a new project was a close attempt to surmise.

The gaming community is upset about the recent notification. The points which connect to the denial of the GTA 6 are few but strong enough to clarify the topic. To an extent, other competent segments of games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Bully 2 are still in the queue.

On the other hand, recent information made public on the official website express much about it. The notification for hiring crew, to work upon ‘massive character-based open-world digital game’, which is not exactly towards GTA 6.

However, the launch of  PS5 and Xbox ‘Scarlett’, next year, is on the latest schedule. The release of which had already amazed the game community. The programmers of the game while keeping in mind the aura, are planning something enormous than ever before.

The exact details of the project do not precisely appear to notice. This project must be going in a secretive way. Possibly the producers are likely to advertise the message, after the completion of the project. 


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