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Robert Pattinson Reveals Twilight Franchise Has A Strange Story And He Is Also Confused

After all these years, Pattinson seems to have doubts about the Twilight franchise.

It has been about ten years since Twilight released in 2008 and Robert Pattinson  who played the role of male protagonist romantic vampire Edward Cullen has now shared his thoughts about how he really feels about the success and the fan base of the entire Twilight franchise As many years have passed by it is unusual for actors to reveal their interpretations after the movie has been a super-duper hit. It was on Variety’s Actor on Actor feature, which was interviewed by Jennifer Lopez, where Pattinson discussed their film careers along with Lopez, where the question arrived about his viewpoint on Twilight, and the truth was out.

It was a rather quick and a not thoughtful decision, says Pattinson as he had no clue what he was getting himself into when he signed the Twilight franchise.

“I mean with Twilight, it wasn’t an established thing,” he explained.

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It is confusing for the fans to interpret what exactly Pattinson meant by using the word “established” in reference to Twilight. He continued, “To me, Catherine Hardwicke, who directed it, had done Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown. They were little movies, and they were kind of hard-core,” he continued. “Kristen [Stewart] was in stuff as well; she’d been in Into the Wild and some other things. And it was very indie.”

He shared his comments on what he thought about the director and also his co-star in the film Kristen Stewart.  As far as the plot goes, the manifestation of the plotline still confounds Pattinson. He shared, “I mean it’s a weird story, Twilight. It’s strange how people responded,” he envisioned. “I guess the books are very romantic, but at the same time, it’s not like The Notebook romantic.”

Pattinson is no doubt romantic, and so are his standards. He believes that Twilight was not as romantic as The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, which is like the epitome of never-ending love.  He thought that the idea of him in the movie wanting to “drink her blood or whatever,” and also love her was weird and strange.

So according to Pattinson, the fans now know that what he feels about the movie and how it was a quick decision, which made him end up there and still took it as an opportunity for his future in acting.

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