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Racket Boys Episode 16 Release Date, Recap & Where To Watch Online

One of the best forms of entertainment is watching Korean drama shows. They give us a new perspective of what we are used to. Different from regular Hollywood drama they take us on a joy ride to dreams and fantasy. There is this new show on Netflix called Racket Boys. It is a Korean drama that has made an impact with only 15 episodes. The last and 16th episode of the show is all set to release and we have some exciting news for you. In this article, we will tell you Racket Boys Episode 16 release date and other things. Read the article to know more.

Racket Boys Episode 16 Release Date 

The finale is scheduled to run on both South Korean television and abroad through Netflix at the time of writing. However, after a supporting cast member tested positive for covid-19 on July 18th, there were fears that the season finale might be pushed back even more.
According to the reports, filming will restart under the right parameters when the whole cast and production crew tested negative, with no follow-up information showing that filming had been affected since then.

Now the air date of the finale episode is all set. Racket Boys Episode 16 will release on 2nd August 2021. It will premier at 4 pm.

Where to Watch the show 

The show is scheduled to premiere on Netflix. Since this is a South Korean show it will also release on a few Korean television channels. If you live in some other countries then you might not get to watch it on Netflix since the contract could vary. even the timing will also be different based on your location. In a few countries, you will get to watch the show on 2nd August while in a few countries on 3rd August.


The story is based on the Haenam Seo Middle School. In the school, there are different boys and girls trying to qualify in the badminton for national and international levels. In the show, they have portrayed how hard it is to qualify for the national-level sport. In the show, they have to select only 16 boys and girls.

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Stay tuned with the global coverage for more updates. 

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