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PUBG Mobile India Got No Permission By MEITY For Operating In India For Now!

There is a piece of bad news for gamers who are waiting miserably for the return of PUBG in the nation. Allegedly, MEITY has confirmed that PUBG Corporation has not been given any permission to re-start the game in the country.

There has been considerable conjecture about the renaissance of the PUBG Mobile game from last few months. In the repercussions of the traction between India and China in Ladakh, after being prohibited for nearly three months, PUBG Corporation announced that they would soon relaunch PUBG India. It was anticipated that PUBG would be relaunched shortly with a lot of trailers and social media buzz.
That has not transpired, nonetheless, and the rudimentary explanation is that no official notice from the government has been published. Moreover, no compliance from MEITY is specified.

What is MEITY?

MEITY stands for Ministry of Electronics and Communication Technology. It is the ministry that prohibited over 100 applications made by China. There is still no dispensation; The MEITY said there is no change in the decision taken now at this point.

Somehow, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has in the latest news, accredited the certification of PUBG India. PUBG India is stratified on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs site, according to a study in Gadgets Now. It has a Corporate Identification ID that means that PUBG Mobile is one step away from making a comeback. The headquarters is located at Bangalore. But this is not certain yet.

The MEITY official said “Any banned subject can’t return just by launching new apps. Even TikTok or any other app can do so. They will have to get acceptance from MEITY to get back in India once again.”

In contrast to the world, The principal point of all is that PUBG Mobile will have to be extra secured and cautious that no user data is compromised.

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