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Life In A Year Trailer is out now; the romantic drama available on Amazon Prime Video.


If you are currently in love, or will love or have loved, you are going to be smitten by the recently released trailer of “Life in a Year”. Directed by Mitja Okorn and produced by Will Smith, it stars Jaden Smith and Cara Delevigne in lead roles. Both play high school teenagers, Daryn and Isabelle. The trailer has vibes of likes of ‘Fault in our Stars’.

In the trailer Daryn is interested in Isabelle. But Isabelle hesitates in the beginning. In a scene Daryn asks Isabelle whether she would go out on date? But eventually, she gives her nod.

Later they go many more dates. But when Isabelle feels they are becoming in their relationship, like Daryn tries to kiss her sometimes but she refuses. In a scene Daryn tells her that when people they kiss. Refusing him Isabelle tells him “we are not dating “. She tries to be away from Daryn, the reason unknown¬† to him. When he comes to know that she is suffering from a terminal and has only 1 year left.

Told you it will give you “Fault in our stars” vibes.So, Daryn plans that why she should live in depression and loneliness for 1 year. Instead he plans that he would make it her best experience. The trailer ends with Daryn and Isabelle kissing passionately. If you are a person with a high emotional quotient you may shed tears.

So what are you waiting for. Go and watch the trailer . The movie releases on 27 November on Amazon Prime.

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