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Latinos, Long Dismissed in Hollywood, Push to Make Voices Heard

Latinos, prolonged dismissed in Hollywood, eventually involved in the Untitled Latinx project to make their voices heard. The writer Tanya Saracho and many others are involved in this project.”

Devious Maids” written by Tanya Saracho on the Lifetime soap, was her first television writing job in 2012. She was a diversity hire.

It’s a bureaucrat term to promote inclusion. An effort to make the writer’s rooms – more diverse, studios pay the salary of the minority writers in an attempt to protect shows to pay. But, Ms. Saracho finds this idea nobel yet, inevitably problematic.

In a recent video interview of Ms. Saracho, she said, ” The Latinos are anticipated to be the defender, ambassador and negotiator of every culture. Even when they are otherized and marginalised in the industry.”

A Queer writer interested in exploring her Mexican American Heritage on television: Ms. Saracho. Although, she achieved success in industry but still that hasn’t always been welcoming to her. After being invited by Marta Fernandez to create “Vida,” a story about two sisters returning to their East Los Angeles neighbourhood of Boyle Heights to bury their mother. This came to be her big break. Vida was well-reviewed by the audience. Which also became an example of, what happens when underrepresented writers are given a chance to succeed.
But, unfortunately, Vida was cancelled in March.
Many latinos working in Hollywood, gain success followed by failure, which never gets rectified.

In the recent study made by the University of Southern California’s Annenberg in 2019, took an inclusion initiative for the treatment of Latinos in Hollywood called “an erasure,” this was for both behind and in front of the camera.

The Untitled Latinx Project is an initiative to change the atmosphere of industry against the Latinos. Although, Saracho is invigorated by this major project and group’s response on it. But, she also knows this is a tough battle and there is a long way to go.

Tanya Saracho said, ” “The Industry gives chance to even the most tepid refried- bean cop show but not to the latinos with some actual good content.”

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