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Kristen Stewart Says ‘she wears the pants’ In Her Relationship With Edward In Twilight

Kristen Stewart began her acting career as a child. The ‘Twilight‘ movie series, based off of Stephanie Meyer’s books, brought the actress to fame. The film features the love story of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. She recently made an appearance in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ as well.

The film stars Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan. When Stewart was first introduced to the role, she was not having it. She read the description and called the story “shallow” and “pointless”. It wasn’t until she read the script that she felt suited for the part. The story seemed ambitious and portrayed a serious relationship between the pair.

Kristen Stewart’s Favourite Thing About Bella Swan

Kristen said she loved the dynamic between Bella and Cullen, and she also felt Bella ‘wears the pants in the relationship’. The actress felt that her character held power and integrity. This was the driving force that got her to play the part. Her character was self-assuring, unlike Edward Cullen.

Kristen Stewart goes on to describe Edward, “I mean, you know, you have this guy who is 108 years old, and he hates himself. And he’s afraid of himself. And he’s afraid of her, and he’s afraid of his whole situation.” Bella is naive and willing to give herself up for Cullen. People assume that Bella is a “weak” character but Stewart seems to disagree! She admittedly said that Bella is strong, self-assured, and makes decisions for herself. There’s power in that. Stewart also said, “So – and my favourite thing about Bella is, she trusts herself. She puts a lot of stock in her feelings. I admire that.”

Stewart’s viewpoint on Bella’s character is interestingly different from the audience’s perspective. I think the audience sees Bella as a weak, innocent girl, waiting to get her heartbroken by a vampire! Clearly, Stewart thinks otherwise. To her, Bella ‘wears the pants’.

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