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Karl Urban’s Wolverine Look in Deep Fake Video is Surprisingly Convincing

If you don’t know what deepfakes are, I got you covered! A bunch of creators manipulate digital contents to represent another image or sound that looks pretty legit. Debates floated around the dangers of deepfake because it is scarily real! Ian Goodfellow made deepfakes AI possible to exist. It’s existence began when he invented generative adversarial networks (GANs). Here is an example to give you the idea:

Nicholas Cage replacing Amy Adam’s Lois Lane in Man of Steel

Over here, we got a trailer of The Boys actor Karl Urban, playing fake Wolverine, and it looks convincing. Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine for 16 years in the X-men series and in 2017’s Logan has never failed us. James Logan Howlett a.k.a Wolverine appears in Marvel comics as a mutant hero. Logan possesses regenerative abilities and is, of course, famously known for his retractable claws on either hand. He is undeniably everyone’s favourite mutant in the X-Men! Hugh Jackman is irreplaceable but has officially quit the role (*cue sad music*). Who do you guys think can play the part as Wolverine?

Karl Urban edited as Wolverine is nailing the expressions! This screenshot itself looks like Karl rocks the sideburns. I’d maybe pay to watch this!

Without any further ado, here is the deepfake trailer of Karl Urban playing Wolverine.

Obviously, there are a few errors here and there in the trailer. It’s a little funny but it’s well done! Karl having played Billy Butcher in The Boys, make it easy for us to picture him playing Wolverine. In the trailer, he steps into Logan’s world for a minute or two. The facial hair goes well with the actor and again, Karl has played versatile roles so it’s not very hard to imagine.

If the future X-men/ solo Wolverine movies plan on existing, Karl Urban could be a solid pick! He takes his roles very seriously and is indeed a good choice.

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