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Kanye West Vs MyChannel: Rapper Sued By Tech Company For Breach Of Contract

Kenye West and MyChannel’s problems were taken to the court. MyChannel filed a case against Kanye West alleging that he violated the code of conduct.

MyChannel is a US based tech company and Kanye is a US rapper. According to the tech company’s lawyers, Kanye West hired the MyChannel to work for six months. The black owned company intended to help the rapper and his clothing company Yeezy Apparel to gain maximum revenue. Kanye promised them to invest $10 million in future.

But there was no intention to keep the promise from West’s side. Instead of that he stole MyChannel’s technology and run his e-commerce business smoothly by using the high tech in his Sunday Service concert series.

MyChannel claimed that Kanye West used their maximum manpower for Yeezy project. The attorneys, Ben Meislas and Michael Popok blamed Kanye for using 10,000 manpowers. They moved the team from Calabasas to Chicago repeatedly according to Kanye’s wish. MyChannel also invested $7million into the project.

The circumstances showed that the rapper joined the tech company just to steal their confidential technology, not to earn profit. Once his intentions got fulfilled, West cut the ties with MYC and fueled his Yeezy brand. The lawsuit complaint that the rapper’s rebranded company claimed the video e-commerce technology of MyChannel as their own. Now MyChannel is demanding US $20million against the damages made by West.

On the other side Kanye West will now appear as a presidential candidate in eight states of USA including Idaho, Minnesota, Tennessee, Colorado, Vermont, Arkansas, Iowa and Oklahoma.

MyChannel charges West and Yeezy Apparel of breaking an oral partnership contract, averting MyChannel from making millions, promising the company to make investment of millions, squashing a assured $10 million investment, and breaching MyChannel’s non-disclosure contract by replicating their video e-commerce know-how.

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