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Is Jimmy Butler A Rebound For Selena Gomez To Get Away From Justin Bieber?

SELENA Gomez is alleged to be dating NBA player Jimmy Butler.
Speculation excited after a source reportedly saw them having dinner together, according to the Miami Herald.

In a note that’s been retweeted several times, an “NBA insider” wrote: “butler and Selena odd couple duh. Sources: trust me, dude.”

The audience soon hopped on the hint that the two are a couple, looking for and showering more gossips.

Instagram page Deuxmoi posted a screenshot where someone claimed Selena, was spotted with Jimmy, at a French restaurant in New York City.b”Seemed like a date,” one said, “100% sure they were there together. I can’t say if it was a date, but they were there.”

Is Jimmy Butler A Rebound For Selena Gomez To Get Away From Bieber?

The social media account later informs that Jimmy’s baby mama Kaitlin Nowak, with whom he has a 1-year-old daughter Rylee, unfollowed Selena on the gram.

While no photos or videos of them have surfaced yet, fans are excited about the idea of this new rumored romance, finding it “surprising.”

The pro baller is the first guy Selena has been linked to this year. She broke up with on-again, off-again love Justin Bieber for good in 2018, and he then married Hailey a few months later.

Is Jimmy Butler A Rebound For Selena Gomez To Get Away From Justin Bieber?

Last year, the Disney Channel alum reunited with ex Niall Horan for a short while, but by the end of the year, he’d revealed that he was now single. The actress later opened up about “the concept of having a normal human relationship” as a celebrity.

In January, she explained during an interview with Apple Music’s Beats 1: “If I can be honest, it is just so cliché. Everyone dates everyone. It always is to be within a little bubble and it’s because it’s safe.

At the start of the year, a source told Us Weekly that Selena wasn’t “actively looking” for a relationship but knew “what kind of guy she would want to date and what qualities he would need to have.”

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