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IPL 2021 Schedule, All Match Fixture, Venue, Team News

If you are a sports person and follow cricket then you must love IPL. If yes then we have good news for you related to the game. IPL 2021 Schedule for the new match is here. Yes after the game was halted due to covid 19 it will start again in Next month. We will tell you all about the game and match dates. So, if you are a fan of IPL read the article from start to end. We will also tell you which team has more chances to win the upcoming game and which team might lose. We will also tell you about the new venue and match fixtures.

IPL 2021 Schedule 

IPL is like another festival for Indian cricket lovers. If you are a 90s kid the probability it is that you love cricket more than anything. At first, it was limited to one day and test cricket matches. The latest T20 international match started and fans of cricket started to enjoy at another level. Another revolution started when the Indian premier league started in 2008. Then it has been going on non-stop every year. It brings fame to popular cricketers and some newcomers as well. It also works as a great revenue model for Indian cricketers and BCCI. But due to covid-19 past few seasons of IPL is being interrupted continuously. In 2020 somehow they started the game in Dubai and Mumbai Indians won the finals.

It was the 13th season of the IPL. In 2021 Amid the pandemic this started the beloved game in Dubai. But after only a few matches players started getting positive with the covid-19 disease. Only a few matches had been played and BCCI decided to pause the game till the covid-19 situation dissolves itself. Recently IPL 2021 schedule has been declared and it will start again in September 2021. It will start again on the 19th of September 2021. And if everything goes well the final will be played on Friday 15th of October 2021.

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Venue of the IPL 

The IPL will be held in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Some of the matches will be played at other locations as well. The first match will start at 7.30 PM IST. It will be played between the Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. Before that, the match was slated between KKR and RCB. But unfortunately, 2 players of KKR was found COVID 19 positive and that is why the game was postponed. But since the covid is vanishing and everyone is vaccinated now. Authorities are ready to start the game once again.

Team Schedule

IPL 2021 Schedule is all set and we have the list of matches here for you. The first match will be played between CSK and MI on the 19th of September. Till now 29 matches has been played between 8 teams and This will be the 30th match of this season. The match will start at 6 pm Gulf Standard Time and will be aired in India at 7.30 Indian standard time. Since the first match is scheduled to happen on Sunday it is bound to get a lot of buzz. After that, the next match will be played between KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders)  and RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore). This match will be aired on the 20th of September. Another schedule of the match can be seen in the picture below.

IPL 2021 Schedule

Table Point as of now

When we look at the past matches the table point is something unexpected. No one expected RCB to win a lot of matches but we should tell you that till now RCB has played 7 matches. And won 5 of them. As of now, the team is in 3rd rank with 10 points. As of now, Delhi Capital is on top with a total of 12 points. Delhi has played 8 matches as of now and has won 6 matches and lost 2. And with 10 points Chennai Super Kings in on the 2nd rank. Meanwhile, Sunrisers Hyderabad is in the 8th position with 1 win. SRH has played 7 matches as of now and lost 6 of them. This is pretty bad for a team that has David Warner and Kane Williamson in its team.

Since IPL 2021 Schedule has been announced there is a lot of buzzes that it will change the position of each team.

Winning Odds of Each Team

As of now, Shikhar Dhawan has scored the most runs for Delhi Capitals. In his 8 innings, he has scored a total of 380 runs. And we should also tell you that Delhi Capitals is placed in the first position as of now. K L Rahul from Kings 11 Punjab is holding the second rank in the run category with 331 runs. However, he has only played 7 innings as of now. But his team is in the 6th position as it has only won 3 matches as of now. Meanwhile, it has played a total of 8 matches.

Tell us in the comment section what do you think about IPL 2021 Schedule. Do you think that it will be played till the end this time? Or there is a chance of it being rescheduled again.

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Stay tuned with the global coverage for more updates. 

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