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Hollywood A-lister Nicole Kidman talks about sex scene


Nicole Kidman, once referred by the critics as “pure theatrical viagra” for her performance in “The Blue Room” is nowadays in news for her show “The Undoing”. Directed by Sussane Bier, it is a psychological thriller miniseries. She plays Grace, therapist who wants to get her first novel published.. She is also wife to Jonathan Fraser, played by Hugh Grant.

In the series she has a lesbian kiss also. So her, sexuality is pretty much portrayed in various types. She hopes that the audience should feel the intimacy between her and grant. The audience should root for both their characters to come together on screen.       “I hope that Hugh and I make a sexy couple.”

While taking about “Undoing” she also praised the hit BBC show “Normal People” in which she also stars, for its sexually liberating nature.

She spoke : “There’s a lot of sexuality in normal People but both actors felt very safe and they were able to still do those really intimate things. It was exquisite work. I hope the generations to come look back and go, ‘Wow’.”

The Undoing premiered on HBO on 25th October 2020. Nicole Kidman is an academy award winning actress. She had also won a BAFTA, five Golden Globe Awards and two Emmy’s. In 2010 she began her own production company as she wanted to offer audience something more. She tells that there are many women centric stories which do not come out as there are no financers. They think women are good for comedy stuff. She wants to give those stories an opportunity.

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