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HECATE GX07 TWS wireless Gaming Earbuds, Specification, Review, Where to Buy

Gaming and gaming experience are today at some other level. Gaming is no more just for fun, it has become both a luxury and necessity . Luxury as it is played by players to have a quality time of entertainment. And a Necessity as it has become everyone’s need. PUBG, COD, Free Fire these are everywhere today. Gaming and streaming has now become a profession too. That’s why having a prime experience in gaming is must. For that you need some equipments and accessories for quality gaming. HECATE GX07 TWS wireless earbuds does the complete work for you. Get complete information about the HECTATE wireless buds here. Know everything about it like Specifications, review and where to buy.

HECATE GX07 TWS wireless earbuds

Specifications of HECATE GX07 TWS:

First of all the reason of hype of the HECTATE wireless earbuds is the shape and look of it. The shape depicts it’s use and efficiency. The shape of earbuds resembles like an armor. The whole packaging is done in the same authentic way.

The gaming wirless earphones comes with following features :

  • Dual-Mic ENC (Environmental noise cancellation) for clear phone calls.
  • Two-wing split structure giving it a novel look.
  • RGB lighting effect with two RGB lights present.
  • 26 hours of battery life in normal mode. With noice cancellation it will give more than 20 hrs of life. Instant 2 hrs life with 15 minutes of charging.
  • HECATE GX07 TWS comes with noise reduction effect of -38dB. This is the best feature of the earphones.
  • Personalization of settings by EDIFIER CONNECT APP.
  • IP54-rated dust and water resistance.



These are the technical features of the headset . Let’s move towards the reviews and where to buy.


Reviews and Ratings:

Well both the ratings and reviews of HECATE GX07 TWS wireless earbuds are positive. Customers are really enjoying the experience of gaming with it. They’re highly impressed with its look to. There have been many positive reviews by customers over that.

The overall average rating is coming around 4/5.Thats a really good rating for an earbud in the market.

HECATE GX07 TWS wireless earbuds

The biggest reason of such positive reviews is support of it up to 900kbps.It is comfortable with 24bit, 96kHz high-resolution audio. And adjusts automatically to the conditions.


Where to Buy :

HECATE GX07 TWS wireless earbuds can bought at various online stores. Also the official site will also provide you that. Moreover other online e commerce sites like Alibaba etc are also selling the product .

This was all about the product, it’s specifications, features and reviews. To know more stay connected to Global Coverage


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