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Extracurricular Season 2 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Hey, Are you eagerly waiting to know about the release of the new season of the Korean series Extracurricular? Don’t worry! we got you covered. Read further to know the release date, recap, and spoiler of Extracurricular Season 2.

Extracurricular Season 1 Recap

Let’s have a quick recap of Extracurricular Season 1

Previously in Season 1, Oh Ji Soo aims to get admission to a prestigious university to get a great job and be successful in life. But, due to his poor financial support, he doesn’t have enough money to pursue his higher education. So he started to indulge in certain illegal extracurricular activities like coordinating sex workers to earn money. His fate made him cross paths with a rich girl, Bae Gyuri. Though she possesses everything that Oh Ji soo wants in his life, still he pretends to dislike her ordinary life and joins Oh Ji soo in business. Their job ended soon and they escaped to Paris for hidings.

Extracurricular Season 2 Plot

There is a high possibility of renewal of Season 2 of the Korean drama Extracurricular even though S1 ended in a perfect way. At the end of Season 1, Oh Ji Soo and Bae Gyuri escaped the town and went to Paris. In season 2, we can expect to see the hard consequences that they face in Paris after doing such work for money in the past. As there is no more information regarding the plot, we will likely update you when it’s on air.

Extracurricular Season 2 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Extracurricular S2 Cast

The additional cast members for the new Season of Extracurricular is not decided yet. The series is produced by Studio 329 and Directed by Kim Jin-min. The former cast includes Park Ju-Hyuk, Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Nam Yoo-soo, Choi min-soo, and Kim Yeo-jin.  It is likely expected to have the same cast members of Season 1 in Extracurricular S2.

Extracurricular Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no official announcement regarding the release of the series Extracurricular Season 2. Due to the global pandemic, no production work has started as of now.  It is likely to be expected at the end of 2021. But nothing can be said for sure.

However, there is no news about the cancellation of Season 2. So, let’s hope for the sooner renewal of Season 2. 

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Extracurricular Season 2 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Extracurricular Season 2 Spoilers Alert!

Spoilers usually arrive two or three days prior to the release. Since there is no confirmation about the production or release of the new season of the horror drama series Extracurricular. Let us sit tight until the release of the same soon.

Where To Watch?

The immensely popular series Extracurricular Season 1 is available on the streaming platform Netflix. The series is highly appreciated by fans and critics. Just give it a try to watch S1 before season 2 gets released.

As you got enough information about Extracurricular Season 2, Wait calmly and stay updated to know the release and other details regarding the drama.

Stay connected with Global Coverage for the latest updates and details. 

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