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Drake & Bella Hadid React to The Weeknd’s Unexpected Grammy Loss

The weekend was snubbed! Dreadful!
Drake, Bella Hadid and many more celebrities supported and talked about the the disservice towards The weekend by annual music awards, whose stellar album “After Hours” was slurred by the Grammy nominations, 2021.

Recently, Grammy, the annual music awards organized its 63rd award eve, where the nominations was announced on Tuesday, November 24.
But, The Weekend was knocked out of the list, despite having the top-notch records. Meanwhile, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift got smattering of well-deserved nods.

The weekend had one of the most famous and top-notch singles of the year like “Blinding Lights.”

Drake & Bella Hadid React to The Weeknd's Unexpected Grammy Loss

To the disservice of The weekend, Abel Tesfaye, the Canada native tweeted, “The Grammys are still corrupt,” quoting the Recording Academy and its well-known award shows. He also wrote, “You owe everyone, me, my fans and the industry translucency.”

The weekend was entirely disappointed by the nominations, “Preparing for the performance collaboratively for weeks to not get an invitation?” He also made a separate tweet, “Zero nominations = you’re not invited.”

Drake posted a lengthy statement on his Instagram Story on Wednesday, November 25, saying “We should not get Shocked every year by the disconnection and acceptance between these awards and the significant music. We should just accept the fact that the one which was the highest form of acclaim may not matter to the artists that exist now and to those that come after.”

Drake also confessed about the high praise and honour, he was expecting for The Weekend as it was the Album of the year as well as Song of the year. “This is the time when someone steps out with something new that can be build up over time and pass on to the upcoming generations,” he wrote.

Belle Hadid, 24, who dated The weekend for four years before ceasing in August 2019. Hadid supported, giving a subtlety reaction by liking Elton John’s Instagram post regarding the Grammy nominations.

The Weekend’s contributions and fame towards the music industry is worthy for the honour and admirations by the awards. Grammys response to that is quite unexpected and outrageous.

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