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Doom At Your Service Season 2 Release Date, Recap, And What To Expect

For the fans of Doom At Your Service if you want to know when will Season 2 of the show release and how will the story progress after season 1’s ending then we got you covered. This article will answer all your questions about the show so be sure to read the complete article to know about the Doom At Your Service Season 2 release date, Recap of Season 1, and what to expect from Season 2.

Season 1 Recap

Before moving further with Doom At Your Service Season 2 release date, let’s get a quick recap.

Let’s Recap what had happened up to this point in the show. An editor for a web novel, Tak Dong-Kyung, faced the harsh reality of life- when she came to know that she has a brain tumor and she has only 100 days to live, her boyfriend has a wife who is pregnant, her superior yells at her on work and a pervert spied on her, who later falls into a sinkhole, all that in a single day. Thinking about 100 days to live she drinks and saw a shooting star and wishes for the destruction of the whole world. A messenger between gods and humans, Myul Mang happens to hear her wish.

Myul Mang’s life itself has been another tragedy. Whatever he does he brings chaos and destruction all due to his fate. Born between dark and light he was fated to destroy things. He has the power to destroy the world with his actions whether it’s intentional or not. Tired of his fate he decides to fulfil Dong-kyung’s wish to end the world. He comes to live with her on a 100-day contract.

Doom At Your Service Season 2 Release Date, Recap, And What To Expect

Has the show ended?

In the finale, we saw Myul returning to earth, now as Mortal. Upon asking he says to Dong-Kyung that his job was of a butterfly to help flowers (humans) but once the butterfly dies, it is born again as a flower. Not understanding anything initially she gradually realized that Myul saved her life by sacrificing his. Now with a mortal body and surfing death, both Myul and Dong-Kyung wish to a shooting star to get married. Doom At Your Service Season 2 might take on the love life of our main protagonists.

Doom At Your Service Season 2 What To Expect?

Doom At Your Service Season 1 ended on a high note. Fans loved the series and hopes for a return. If Season 2 happens we expect to explore more into the life of Myul and how he adjusts himself as a mortal now. We might see some difficulty in the love life of those two due to the changes Myul faces now.

Doom At Your Service Season 2 Release Date, Recap, And What To Expect

Doom At Your Service Season 2 Release DateĀ 

If Doom At Your Service return for Season 2 we can expect it to be released by Spring 2022. The show might have seen a dip in viewership towards the end but the fans of the show are vocal about having another season which is a positive for the show and its makers.

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