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Digimon Adventure Episode 27: Release Date Announcement and Others!

Digimon is back with a reboot with ‘Digimon Adventure’. The series is the eighth of the Digimon franchise which first came in 1999. The new series already came up with 26 episodes and fans are eagerly waiting for Digimon Adventure Episode 27. Below is everything you need to know about the next episode:

Digimon Adventure Episode 27 Release Date and Synopsis:

Digimon Adventure Episode 27 is scheduled to air on December 6, 2020.

The episode is titled “To a New Continent“. The official preview is out and it takes Taichi and friends to a new place. In the episode, Taichi’s younger sister Hikari appears on El Doradimon and Taichi is shocked to see her there. Hikari is not able to explain why she is there and says that a voice led her to this new place.

Digimon Adventure Episode 27: Release Date Announcement and Others!

Meanwhile, in the real world, strange phenomena don’t stop even after Devimon’s defeat. Things even get worse when a rocket explodes because of malfunctions and the whole continent is covered by black electrical discharge. Koshiro finds out that the real cause of this strange phenomenon lies in the Digital World.

The buildup seems to be pretty much exciting and we hope that Digimon Adventure episode 27 justifies our excitement with more action and drama. We can’t wait for Sunday to arrive soon.

Digimon Adventure Episode 27: Release Date Announcement and Others!

Episode 26 Recap!

In the last episode of Digimon Adventure, Taichi finds out that the cloud continent shrinks, and soon after, an Ebidramon and a Seadramon emerges from the sea. The two mighty Digimon begin to fight each other. Seadramon freezes Ebidramon and starts to devour it.

Agumon and Gabumon come together to fight the sea monster and we get to see a fierce battle. Everything seems to be going the other way round when Megaseadramon appears. At last, the heroes finally emerge victoriously. Elsewhere, we see that Koshiro figures out that the AIS system of the ship is attacked. We hope Digimon Adventure Episode 27 picks up the Story from where it was left.

The Trailer

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