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Selena Gomez cancels her Tour in Russia after getting her visa held over her stand on LGBTQ+

The UNICEF ambassador and pop singer Selena Gomez got her Visa held in Russia which later led to her allegedly cancelling the tour in St. Petersburg

In 2013, U.S. Pop singer and Actor Selena Gomez got her visa denied over her views on LGBTQ community.

The BACK TO YOU singer has always been known for powerful activism and expression of vehement protest. Selena almost has about 195 million gram followers who look up to her as a credible and humanitarian celebrity.

Selena Gomez cancelled a series of her concerts 

According to Los Angeles Times, Selena Gomez cancelled her tours in Eastern Europe after she was reportedly denied Visa in Russia. Presumedly Gomez had to cancel her tours in both Belarus and Ukraine, but her Rep verified “ she’d no longer be visiting Russia for concert stops in St. Petersburg on Monday and Moscow on Wednesday. ”

In the light of BLM and extending support to LGBTQ+ community, Selena Gomez, being the queen she is, is one of the first actors to openly credit these movements and disregard anything that can hurt their sentiments or enervates them.

Gomez Was denied her visa due to her strong stance in favour of LGBTQ+

According to a report in Moscow times, Selena’s open mindedness, acceptance and expression of support for the queer became the last straw for Russian authorities as they feared that she might ‘shape’ young minds in Russia.

This cancellation further led to unrest amongst people across the world. John Becker in an interview told Cosmopolitian, “They’re afraid to have someone like Selena Gomez come in and potentially use her platform to advance LGBT rights.”

However The All Time Teen Choice Award winner, isn’t the only ones who have been either cancelled or had been held up by Russia due to their views and actions.  Legends Like Madonna and Lady Gaga also suffered getting banned from the Russia in light of their words for LGBTQ+


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