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Corona Beer Advertises With Entertainment Icon Snoop Dog Featuring Bad Bunny Is A Hilarious One

The Corona is famous for its beer beverages among famous celebrities. Movie lovers might also have noticed that The Corona beer was also used in the Fast and Furious series. Well, however the beverage company has now released their latest commercial which showcases the Puerto Rican sensation Bad Bunny along with the entertainment superstar Snoop Dogg.

Soon after the release of the commercial, it gained a lot of attention in the internet. The commercial starts with Snoop Dogg walking on the beach when he receives a call on his shellphone. Snoop Dogg thinks that it is his romantic partner who might have called him but it turns out that it’s Bad Bunny on the other side.

Now, for the people who don’t know who Bad Bunny is. Bad Bunny is a popular musical artist who surprisingly is also the winner of the Latin Grammy Award. Well, if you search him on Google then you will say that Yes he is also a superstar.

Bad Bunny is seen in the commercial where he is marketing Corona. Corona’s tagline that is shown in the latest commercial states “La Cerveza Mas Fina” or “The Fine Life” in English. Have a look at the commercial here:

The Corona beverages have got many products. Some of them include Corona Extra, Corona Light, Corona Familiar, Corona Premier, Corona Refresca, and as well as Corona Hard Seltzer. The products are produced in Mexico and it is the most loved brand in the United States for over more than 20 years.

Bad Bunny and Snoop Dogg’s collaboration in the latest commercial is a hilarious one and it is really one of the most creative advertisements made for a beverage company. Bad Bunny also made it clear that he loved the campaign.

Well, we hope to see more advertisements coming up like these in the future.

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