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Christmas By Starlight: Who are the cast members and what are their respective roles?

Hallmark fans get ready for Christmas to treat where a film by Gary Yates will be out by this December 2020 “Christmas by Starlight” written by Paul Campbell. This movie is coming to be the third film for the co-stars to work together after, on the Hallmark Channel’s countdown and making its release on 26th November 2020 as a thanksgiving treat to the audiences.

What do we see in the Christmas By Starlight?

The plot follows as Annie is a smartass lawyer but wants to redeem her Starlight cafe which is set for destruction from a big corporation- owned by William Holt. As Annie pleases Will to stop the abolition of her valuable cafe before the Christmas event, but Will has a deal with her where she has to act as a legal counsel to his father from taking off the business.

Who are the cast members and what role they all are playing?

  • Kimberly Sustad is Annie Park: She is a Candian actor, born in Ottawa in Canada and became the most popular actresses in Hollywood cinema, she made her debut in the movie “Travellers’ ‘ in 2016 and also a writer for Hallmark films. Here in this film, she is the lead character, playing as a brilliant lawyer who works hard to get back her family cafe- Starlight. 
  • Paul Campbell as William Holt: He was born on 22nd June 1979 in Vancouver, Canada. Paul initially cast in Television Film- We’ll meet again in 2002, later progressed as a comedy actor in the Hollywood industry. He is the male protagonist in the movie Christmas By starlight, Paul already been in Hallmark films before- A Godwink Christmas and Battlestar Galactica. 
  • Bruce Dawson as Gene Park: Playing as Annie’s father in the movie, who cannot pay off his funds for the Cafe from the firm who is trying to demolish the cafe soon. He is a Canadian actor who made his debut in the entertainment industry by portraying his role as Dr Cassidy in Memory Serves movie.
  • Rebecca Staab as Gail Park: Her nickname that the characters uses to call in the film is Pat -who is doing her role as Annie’s mother. Rebecca notable works are Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives etc.
  • Malcolm Stewart as Jim Holt: He plays the role of Campbell’s father, who is been counselling by the Heroine Annie to back off from William. He is a Canadian actor, born on 15th May 1948 in Montreal, Canada- making his acting appearance for the famous character Dracula and later appearing more roles in television series. 


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