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Bob Woodward Said ‘I Report Accurately’ After Kushner Claims That He Has His Own Audio Tapes!

Bob Woodward Said ‘I Report Accurately’ After Kushner Claims That He Has His Audio Tapes!

On Tuesday, veteran journalist Bob Woodward enfolded a threat from Jared Kushner. Kushner may be a White House adviser. He claimed to possess audiotapes of journalist Woodward from an interview.

In the on the Today Show, Jared Kushner was asked about the comments that he made about the previous members of Trump administration. The interview was taken by the veteran journalist Bob Woodward. And consistent with Woodward’s tape, Jared called the previous Trump administration members as “overconfident idiots”.

After this, Kushner said that he had also taped the interview. And also mentioned that Woodward’s claim is fake.

“He’s got tapes of everything; I even have tapes of everything. That was never implied therein regard.” the White House advisor said.

Later on, in an interview with The Washington Post, Woodward replied to Kushner’s remarks.

Woodward also explained that Kushner discussed the people within the campaign then he referred the Trump administration members as “overconfident idiots”.

“If you check out Jared Kushner’s quote, he said, well, there have been people within the campaign then suggested he was about these ‘overconfident idiots’ within the campaign. Within the transcript, it’s clear he’s talking about the administration. The administration isn’t the campaign.” Woodward said.

“It is quite this whole idea; you’ll take facts and turn them and suggest,” he continued. “I’m quite curious about when Jared says he has tapes; I even have tapes and I also taped him together with his permission. I think that he was taping me. He didn’t extend the courtesy to me that he was taping the conversation.”

Woodward also stated that he accurately mentioned in his book what Kushner said. His book includes “more important” quote from Kushner’s interview.

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