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Blue Birthday Episode 5 Release Date, Recap, And Watch Online

Blue Birthday announces its premiere date! Read on to know more about the release date, recap, and spoilers of Blue Birthday Episode 5.

Blue Birthday Episode 4 Recap

Before knowing the release date of Episode 5, let’s have a quick recap of episode 4.

Previously in episode 4 titled “Law of Equivalent Exchange”, Oh Ha Rin finds eight mysterious photos of her first love Ji Seo Jun who died ten years ago on the same day of her birthday in the photography room.  Oh Ha Rin and Ji Seo Jun loved so much but they failed to confess that to each other.  After seeing all those photos and the letter in which he confessed his love, she started crying.  Those painful memories of him made her burn all those photos.

When Oh Ha Rin burned the first photo, she was found to be present on the same day when the photo was taken.  She realized that she has traveled time.  She guessed that as she has eight photos she can only travel back eight times.  With eight chances in her hand, she thought of saving her first love and her best friend Ji Seo Jun.

Blue Birthday Episode 5 Release Date, Recap, And Watch Online

Spoilers Alert!

Sadly, we don’t have many spoilers of the Blue Birthday Episode 5 as spoilers get released two or three days prior to the release of the series. In the Blue Birthday Episode 5, you can expect that the change that Oh Ha Rin has done in the past may affect her present.  Wait and watch episode 5 to know how chemistry works between Oh Ha Rin and Ji Seo Jun.

Blue Birthday Episode 5 Release Date

The fantasy, Romance, thriller K-drama Blue Birthday’s new episode is all set to release soon. Yes, the most-awaited Blue Birthday Episode 5 is scheduled to get released on 6th August 2021 at 6 AM ET. This web series gets released on every Friday and Saturday.  Ever since the release of episode 4, the fans of this series are super excited for the next episode.

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Blue Birthday Episode 5 Release Date, Recap, And Watch Online

Where To Watch Online?

You can watch Blue Birthday Episode 5 and all other previous episodes on Naver Tv which mainly focuses on telecasting K-dramas and DramaCool.  The new episode of the drama will also be aired on Youtube. But, it may take one or two weeks for the release of the same. If you are an international K-drama fan then watch it out in comfort on YouTube itself.

We highly recommend you to use only these platforms to watch the drama as they have required legal licenses and official rights.  Try avoiding the usage of other platforms as they may cause harm to the producers of the drama.

I’m super excited to watch Blue Birthday Episode 5. Are you? Then hang in there and watch the new and all previous episodes of Blue Birthday.

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