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Say Goodbye To Black Hole! Fortnite Season 11 Or Else The Chapter 2 Is Live

After 36 hours of terrible waiting, Fortnite is finally back online with a new season— Fortnite Season 11 or Chapter 2.

After the black Fortnite hole that swallowed the whole island, we see a completely new map with 13 different zones. We look at more hills, thick woodland, and rivers, beaches, and more.

A previously leaked trailer indicated that the new map also included surfing, fishing, and a lot of boats, although it had a lot to discover.

Fortnite chapter 2 is available on all major platforms for download. Notice that the size of the file is considerable; 5.27 GB for mobile devices, 13 GB for consoles, and 14.9 GB for PCs.

The day before yesterday, at 2:00 PM EST, after the end of Season 10, the most significant battle was the royal game, and people went bumpy!

Source: Youtube

More than millions of users watched live videos of Fortnite players looking at a black hole that seemingly swallowed the entire map. Only a few people were able to see the event “The End” unfolding in real-time.

The event began with the Alien intruder tossing the rocket into the air, installed on the top of the Dusty Depot. The atmosphere erupted, and in the air, rifts began to appear, followed by dozens of small missiles.

Eventually, the small rockets formed a massive split, bringing back the meteor initially seen at the beginning of Season 10. The meteor struck the vault, and the entire Fortnite map was pulled into a black hole early enough.

After that, Fortnite’s opening screen was only a beautiful live black hole picture.

Epic Games released the Forntnite chapter 2 just before Fortnite players were going crazy, leaving all the players in harmony.

The new map has already begun to play on Twitch and YouTube streamers. You ought to do the same!

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