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Black Friday Sale 2020: Discount on PS Plus subscription and More

Black Friday is back for another year bringing us the best deals on our favourite products. It might be a few days away but the shopping season has been up and running for quite sometime.

Black Friday is back with a bang!

Even though the sale is set to start on November 29, popular brands such as Sony and Microsoft have already revealed the best deals on their games and services. Sony is offering massive discounts on its games on both PS4 and PS5. The list of games include the highly popular FIFA 21, Grand Theft Auto V, Watch Dogs: Legions, and many more.

PS Plus subscription benefits

Other than offering discounts on games, Sony is also offering discount on their PS Plus service. The company is giving away the annual subscription of PS Plus at a massive discount of 25%. Black Friday seems to be the perfect time to get this yearly subscription as it means that we don’t have to extend it before the next Black Friday when it will be expected to be on sale again.

The PS Plus gives us access to play free online games for both PS4 and PS5 each month. On top of that, we are getting an access to another 24 free PlayStation games on newly released PS Plus Collection on PS5. This appears to be a great deal for PS4 and PS5 gamers for free games and online play. It is highly recommended for those gamers who don’t want to buy new games every time. This deal seems to be an absolute ‘bang for your buck’ for these types of gamers.

PS Plus also provides regular discounts on the PS Store more than the non-subscribers. Gamers can enjoy online multiplayer games which they can play with their family and friends as well.

The Black Friday sale for PlayStation ends November 30 internationally and December 1 in India.

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