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Apple’s iPhone 12 Launch Event Highlights: Price, New Feature | Global Coverage Highlights

iPhone today we’re bringing 5g to iPhone our 5d network now gives you double the peak download speeds and double the upload speeds at over megabits per second, i’d like to
show you the very first iPhone with 5g it has smooth flat edges allowing the aluminium frame
Apple's iPhone 12 Event Highlights: Price, New Feature | Global Coverage Highlights
and glass to stay flush front and back creating this unique uniform construction black white product red green and a gorgeous blue the same great 6.1-inch display size is
iPhone 11. iPhone 12 is 11 thinner 15 smaller in volume and 16 per cent lighter each OLED pixel has its own light which can be individually controlled giving us pixel precision brightness.
Apple's iPhone 12 Event: Global Coverage Highlights
rich colours and an amazing two million to one contrast ratio ceramic shield goes beyond glass by adding a new high-temperature crystallization step which grows nano-ceramic crystals within the glass matrix to dramatically improve toughness four times better drop performance.
Apple's iPhone 12 Event: Global Coverage Highlights
a14 bionic the fastest chip ever in a smartphone our silicon engineering team has packed 11.8 billion transistors into a14 bionic with big updates to our CPU GPU and adramatic increase in machine learning capabilities it has
the ultra-wide camera iPhone 12 also has a new wide camera with an f 1.6 aperture along with the wider aperture we developed our first seven-element lens computational
photography also enables night mode which has been called the best in the industry
the faster aperture captures more light and now we are expanding night mode to
all cameras of iPhone 12 for the first time on the ultra-wide and front true depth camera which is perfect for night mode selfies we’re adding night mode time-lapse with
longer exposure and brighter frames when a tripod the magnets are optimized for alignment and efficiency and we improved our shielding design to safely provide
up to 15 watts for faster charging any MagSafe accessory can simply snap onto the back of iPhone and you can use other MagSafe accessories on top of the cases like the MagSafe charger and there’s a MagSafe wallet.
Apple's iPhone 12 Event Highlights: Price, New Feature | Global Coverage Highlights
it just snaps to the back of iPhone customers already have over 700 million
lightning headphones and there are also over 2 billion apple power adapters out in the world removing these items also means a smaller lighter iPhone box this is iPhone 12 mini the iPhone 12 mini has the exact same features as iPhone 12. iPhone 12 mini is the smallest thinnest and lightest  5g phone in the world the fastest chip with a14 bionic
most advanced display with OLED all-new design with ceramic shield even better water resistance new cameras
for low light and MagSafe the iphone 12 lineup will start at just 6.99 for iphone 12 mini and 7.99 for iphone12. this is iPhone 12 pro surgical grade stainless steel band and precision milled back glass they come in four new finishes including an elegant silver a rich deep graphite a stunning gold and an all-new pacific blue we were able to go from today’s
5.8 inch to a much larger 6.1-inch display and iPhone 12 pro max increases from
today’s 6.5 inches to a more expensive 6.7-inch display
Apple's iPhone 12 Event Highlights: Price, New Feature | Global Coverage Highlights
iPhone 12 pro features our amazing ultra wide camera with the 120-degree field of view and our new wide camera
with faster f 1.6 aperture and 7 element lens that lets in 27 more light, iPhone 12 pro also features a 52-millimetre telephoto camera for stunning portraits with the new telephoto you can now optically zoom in two and a half times for even closer shots or tighter crops apple pro raw because all the data is contained in apple pro raw this image can be
processed in various ways while retaining the crisp beautifully rendered detail you can edit apple pro raw directly in our photos app a lidar scanner lidar stands for light
detection and ranging and it measures how long it takes light to reach an object and reflect back it enables object and room scanning photo and video effects and precise placement of ar objects they’re packed with our most innovative technologies like the a14 bionic chip lidar scanner an incredible pro camera system powered by computational photography
with iPhone 12 pro starting at 9.99 and we’re doubling the starting capacity to 128 gigabytes and iPhone 12 pro max at 10.99
Apple's iPhone 12 Event Highlights: Price, New Feature | Global Coverage Highlights
iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro will be
available for pre-order this Friday, October 16 and available next week on October 23rd iPhone 12 pro max and iPhone 12 mini will be available for
pre-order starting on Friday, November 6 and they will begin shipping the
following week on November 13th so this is our new iPhone lineup thank

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