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Google’s Pixelbook Go Is Here! This Is How Apple’s Mac Book Air Is Different From It

Pixelbook Go is a lightweight and thin laptop powered by a processor chip of the Intel Core series. The keyboard and style influence the new Pixelbook by the older Chromebook version.

Google’s Ivy Ross introduced the new Pixelbook Go to build a tiny, versatile laptop that lasts all day long.

With a bigger battery, a quicker processor and an ultra-reliant Linux-based Chrome OS, the Pixelbook Go is aiming to dominate the Apple Macbook Air market segment.

Pixelbook Go comes with three Intel Core m, Core i5, and i7 CPU models. The Intel Core m is particularly interesting because the chip can mostly be seen on ultra-small computers and relatively strong Single Board (SBC) computers.

The Alpha Panda Latte Panda SBC’s top-spec model comes with this chip. Google has also equipped the latest Pixelbook Go with a larger battery lasting about 12 hours, in addition to the new processors.

“Pixelbook Go is lighter than Pixelbook, but we have been able to add a 15 percent larger battery, making it easier to continue to work throughout the day,” Ross said.

The Pixelbook Go has the option of an 8GB/128 GB version and a 16GB/256 GB version. My assumption is that the RAM used will be LPDDR4, with a battery life of about 2666 MHz.

Source: MacRumors

This is all in a new Magnesium frame that has a wavy pattern at the bottom to maximize traction when used on the “Go.” Oh, I see what Google did there.

Many new features on the Google Pixel Go include a sleek, just 13 mm wide Lightbody, a brand new Hush keyboard that is easier to type, and a few new colors.

Chrome OS will feature built-in virus protection, instant startup, and automatic updates for the Pixelbook Go.

“I think you can be more innovative when working within limits,” said Ross. The Go pixel book is available in “the only black” and “not rose” in two colors.

Google Pixel Book Go Vs. Apple Mac Book Air

Apple Macbook Air is still a trendy 2019 laptop. Several users preferably prefer the older version of Macbook Air, the one with the glowing logo because of its incredible battery life and excellent software optimization.

Google ticks the right boxes with the Go pixel book, at least in hardware terms. They have a battery life of 12 hours, up to 16 GB RAM, and a quite decent 256 gig storage. Also, the thin and light naturalness of the Pixelbook, Go, and Google nearly has a winner.

I can’t comment on Chrome OS application capabilities, though. Yet the time will tell whether or not the Go Pixelbook will make a name for itself?

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