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Affection K- drama (2021) Release Date, Preview, And Watch Online

We are back with a new forthcoming show direct from the South Korean Drama Industry, that has been on a roll for the past several years. It’s ‘Affection’ this time. Continue reading the article to learn more about this Korean drama.

Han hee Jung is the one who wrote the script for this show. While Dong Hyun Wook is the one who directed it. Fun Fact: Affection is an adaption of Lee Se Young’s webcomic of the same title.

Plot of Affection

The story will Begin when Twins are born to the Prince’s wife, but twins were believed to be a terrible omen. The daughter among the twins was the one to be executed, but her mother pleaded for her life to be spared. The castle’s identical daughter is secretly banished. A sickness kills the twin son Lee Hwi a few years later. The Crown Prince’s wife conceals her twin son’s death and returns her twin daughter to the palace, where she raises her as Prince Lee Hwi.

Affection K- drama (2021) Release Date, Preview, And Watch Online

Lee Hwi (who actually is a girl) eventually becomes a prince, but she is terrified of having her true identity known. Due to her secret, Lee Hwi seems unable to have anybody close to her. She conceals her feelings from others and makes scathing remarks.

Furthermore, Then a character named Jung Ji-Woon appears, who is Prince’s instructor. Jung Ji-Woon is descended from an aristocratic family. Moreover, He is attractive, intelligent, and an optimist who likes life. Prince Lee Hwi falls in love with Jung Ji-Woon.

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Affection Cast

The cast is listed below, along with the characters they play.

  • Park Eun-Bin portrays the character Lee Hwi.
  • The role of  Jung Ji-Woon is played by Ro Woon,
  • Nam Yoon-Soo plays the role of a character named  Lee Hyun
  • Choi Byung-Chan has played the character Kim Ga-On.
  • The character Shin So-On is portrayed by Bae Yoon-Kyoung.

Release Date Of Affection

Affection is set to be launched in the second half of 2021, beginning next month. And The date is September 27th, 2021. Under the umbrella of the KBS Network.

Where To watch

As with KBS’s other Rom-com program, which will be broadcast in September. Further, this show will be released in South Korea for the time being. Affection Will also only be available on the KBS network.

This was an article on forthcoming Korean dramas, as well as their latest updates and insights.

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