Influencers have accounts stolen in FIFA 22

A wave of social engineering attacks compromised around 50 accounts of prominent players in the FIFA 22 scene, including athletes, pro players, content creators and others. The cases began to be reported on social networks in early January, always reaching profiles with high amounts invested in cards and other game elements.

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One of the main victims was Valentin Rosier, a French player who plays for Beşiktaş, in Turkey. Streamers Jamie Bateson, NickRTFM and Trymacs were also targeted, as were profiles involved in business involving the game's economy, such as FUT traders Donkey and Joao Seleiro. Only then can it be explained why the case gained prominence, in attacks that would have been happening since mid-December.

In many of the cases reported on social networks, victims were notified when they lost access to profiles, whose emails were changed to new addresses that allow criminals to act. The main idea is that the accounts would be resold on dark web marketplaces, where accounts filled with points have high value and are traded among criminals and those interested in gaining an advantage in games.

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The case gains additional importance because, in many circumstances, it involves the work of those affected, whether in the sale of cards, investments in virtual athletes or in the very use of the profile to play FIFA , create content and generate value for brands. Not to mention the financial expense. Rosier, for example, claims to have put 60 million credits into the account that was stolen, an amount equivalent to more than $560,000 in spending. Some of those affected also spoke of lawsuits, mainly related to the fact that they had already informed EA about being a target of attacks.

When commenting on the case, Electronic Arts confirmed the wave of scams that even involves its own player service team. According to the company, phishing and social engineering attacks were carried out by the criminals, who exploited human error and were able to bypass two-step checks, thereby gaining access to compromised profiles.

In the statement, the producer says it is still in the process of listing all the affected accounts and what changes have been made, maintaining direct contact with those affected and analyzing the evidence related to the cases. While the work is still in progress, there is still no information on official investigations under the GDPR, a set of rules valid in Europe and equivalent to the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) of Brazil.

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Among the attitudes promised by the company are new training for its representatives and updates in security systems, in order to better detect suspicious activities and mark accounts at risk. In addition, new steps will be added to the process of changing profile data and emails, in order to verify those responsible for such requests and ensure that they are legitimate.

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