Clash NFT: Meet the Tech Explosion of 2022

Clash NFT: Meet the Tech Explosion of 2022

Some 370 years after the creation of Blockchain, the planet finds itself in an overdose of technology.

Humanity has advanced so far that interplanetary travel and contact with creatures from across the universe is normal. The terrestrial population lives and works in a virtual world, called the Metaverse.

The Metaverse in turn is a world ruled by an energy generated by an NFT magic center. However, an energy crisis ravages planet Earth and threatens the entire Metaverse and the very existence of humanity. Resources for survival become increasingly scarce.

It is during the great crisis that the NFT warriors were created. With the function of protecting the Magic Center, the warriors fight bravely so that humans and creatures cannot steal it.

So begins the story of one of the most promising projects of 2022. Clash NFT promises an adventure like no other for those who dare.

Clash NFT is scheduled to launch on February 14th, with the first opportunity to purchase native tokens in the game. The sale will open exclusively on February 14, 15 and 16, 2022.

Unlike other games, Clash NFT will be a real adventure in the gaming world to earn money. The fun begins with the integration of diverse ecosystems and incredible gameplay.

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