Qualcomm, Nokia and Juganu collaborate for 5G applications

A collaboration between Qualcomm , Nokia and Juganu aims to standardize 5G spectrum for smart cities and use cases in public internet of things (IoT) services in Brazil. While Nokia brings 5G cellular technology and Juganu offers its smart and integrated street light, Qualcomm comes with 5G technology integration and IoT solutions.

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According to Bruno Gemus, Juganu's CEO Brazil, the project can help change the scenario of public street lighting in Brazil and in the world. “The experience is innovative. It guarantees 5G connectivity to the municipality, which can use the network for various applications. Thus, it is possible to reduce the need to install many antennas around the city.”

The project is supported by the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI) and the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). The objective is to demonstrate that the use of street lighting devices simplifies installation and technology fusion while reducing implementation cost and time.

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Partnership seeks to standardize the 5G spectrum (Image: Reproduction/Pixabay/jeferrb)

José Palazzi, Senior Director of Sales at Qualcomm, highlights that the collaboration seeks to support the standardization of the use of the 5G spectrum. “We are very proud to support this initiative in Brazil. Qualcomm’s 5G solutions on millimeter wave and other spectrum frequencies can positively impact smart cities and communities by integrating IoT developments and transforming societies through technology.”

Fifth-generation networks are known for their potential to revolutionize both Industry 4.0 and the process of adopting new services, such as smart cities. “A recent study carried out jointly by Nokia and Omdia predicts that by 2035 5G will guarantee US$ 1.2 trillion (R$ 6.7 trillion) in productivity in Brazil”, reports Ailton Santos, head of Brazil at Nokia.

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