Popcorn Time is dead! Developers Announce End of "Pirate Netflix"

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Known as Netflix of piracy, Popcorn Time was shut down. Loved and hated, the service became popular for allowing free easy access to pirated movies and TV shows.

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Now, however, a message on the site says that Popcorn Time has closed. The warning includes a version of the logo in which the once-happy popcorn pack appears dead. In addition, a graph shows the decline in interest in the service in recent years — the end would then be related to a lack of users.

Site shows logo with dead popcorn bag (Image: Playback/Invasion News/Screen Capture)

The graph also shows that Netflix won: in 2015, the streaming company told investors that its biggest competitor was piracy. However, at that time, Popcorn Time did not invest in its own content and remained a showcase for torrents .

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Launched in 2014, the platform quickly became popular and was accused by Netflix of posing a threat. Her creators then left her. Even so, it remained active: as it used open source, other developers started to host it. As it was always blocked and its domain confiscated, it had to move around the internet constantly.

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In addition to Netflix, Popcorn Time came to be pursued by groups like the Motion Picture Association of America. His condition, however, was always a matter of debate: after all, he never hosted pirated material.

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